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but they have gotten weaker. one thing i want to point out as you talk about those image as, japan is a country that is relatively well prepared for earthquakes. so, the iimages you're seeing s to the magnitude of the quake we felt earlier today. you know, this is a country that has, you know, plenty of earthquake drills. we feel earthquakes out here all the time. nothing like we felt earlier today in a long time. >> were people heeding those evacuation warning in tokyo? did you see people exiting all those buildings in that densely populated area? >> reporter: know, it's tough to see from our vantage point but based on the images i have seen, i can tell you japanese people take their earthquakes very seriously because they get so many of them. they are looking into the warnings, they are making sure out on the coast at least, to seek higher ground and stay there until they hear otherwise. also people who were inside the buildings evacuating, doing exactly as they were told. >> i'm sure that's definitely the situation in sendai, which we keep going back to because the images are so inkred pibl.
across japan after a massive earthquake. one of the largest in years. >> tsunami watches triggered across the pacific, including hawaii and the west coast. we have extended coverage, now, from japan and the u.s. >>> good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us on this very busy news day. a major disaster is unfolding in japan, after a megaearthquake hit overnight. >> now, the quake has triggered a tsunami in the northern part of the country. a 13-foot wall of water, washing away cars, busses, buildings, homes. incredible footage. >> tsunami warnings are posted for most of the pacific, including hawaii, where the coast guard is standing by. a powerful quake was centered around the area of sendai. but it rocked buildings in tokyo, hundreds of miles away. akiko fujita joins us from tokyo this morning. akiko, what is the latest? >> reporter: we are getting new numbers. we now know there are 18 people confirmed dead. that's from our partner out here, nhk. 18 people confirmed dead. and 60 people injured in tokyo alone. keep in mind that tokyo is hours away from the epicenter. 60 people inju
radioactive rods after a series of explosions. there is confusion and fear in japan tonight. >>> america joins the rescue. we're headed out to the "uss ronald reagan," now running search and rescue flights off the japanese coast, despite the risk of drifting radiation. we're getting an exclusive look into the it effort. >>> and domestic concerns. retailers set out of iodide tab lets as americans stock up, fearful of what's happening in japan could happen here. with u.s. nuclear reactors built atop fault lines, how big is the risk? >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran and cynthia mcfadden in new york city and bill weir in japan, this is "nightline," march 15th, 2011. >> and good evening from the atsugi naval air station. it is wednesday afternoon here in japan. we're waiting to board that flight to the "uss ronald reagan," the massive u.s. aircraft carrier off the coast of tsunami-ravaged japan. more on that in a moment. first, the most pressing news, the fear of nuclear fallout from that ravaged fukushima daiichi power plant, where last night another explosion
at baltimore avenue. >>> rescue workers are digging out survivors in the devastated coastal towns of japan. every morning, news is more grim than the day before. linda so joins us p with the latest on the rescue efforts going on right now -- joins us with the latest on the rescue efforts going on right now. >> reporter: the late of the official death toll climbed to 2800 and it's getting worse. this morning, a japanese police official says 1,000 bodies washed ashore in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami e he thinks an estimated 10,000 people died -- he thinks an estimated 10,000 people died in his prove ns along. there was another -- province alone. a second explosion happened in three days. 11 people were hurt and it's unclear if radiation leaked during the explosion. new images of the tsunami show how powerful the surge of water was. waves that kept coming and coming lasting for about 15 minutes and devouring everything in its path. for survivors, anxiety is growing. getting the basic necessities is becoming nearly impossible. >> this mother says, i was so stressed i could not p
japan and the pacific, triggering a gigantic tsunami. entire islands wiped out. look at these incredible pictures of the giant wave as it rushes inland. buildings swept off their foundations. rivers changing direction. sweeping away cars, boats and people. the entire west coast, under a tsunami warning at this hour. this is a special edition of "good morning america," "tsunami in the pacific." >>> and good morning, america. that earthquake that hit japan overnight is just devastating. the largest in japan's history. 1,000-times more powerful than the quake that hit new zealand almost 3 weeks ago. the strongest in the world since the indian ocean earthquake of 2004. spider jets have been deployed to inspect quake damage. the entire country is under a state of emergency because of a failing power plant there. it is devastating. >> the magnitude of the earthquake was 8.9. it is huge. the biggest earthquake on record since they started keeping records in the early 1800s in japan. it's been followed by at least 19 massive aftershocks. many of which have been over 6.0 themselves. there are rep
are homeless. >>i think it's very likely that the tsunami that hit japan will kill considerably more people than the nuclear reactor accident will. >> in los angeles, the county health officer warned u.s. citizens against taking iodine as a precaution saying this's no risk of in-- there's no risk of increased radiation. >>> every day the situation in japan gets worse and worse. we get to see it. help is coming from all around the world. even places here in baltimore are doing what they can to give aid to the victims in japan. sherrie johnson is live to explain how you can get involved. sherrie. >> reporter: this wegmans here in hunt valley are certainly doing their part to help those victims of the earthquake in japan. the store just opened a half- hour ago. and customers are coming in. they have the opportunity to donate money once they get to the cash register to check out. one hundred percent of the donations will get to the red cross relief fun for the japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. all the wegmans stores will accept donation. they have announced a $100,000 donation to help e
history hits japan. with stunning images still emerging and international disaster, more than 1,000 feared dead, and thousands more still missing. tsunami. a wall of water up to 23 feet high sweeps the japanese mainland, carrying away whole neighborhoods still burning. tossing cars and boats like toys. and now threatening a catastrophic radiation breach at at least one nuclear plant. a special edition of "nightline" starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm bill weir. we spent the better part of the morning here at the santa monica pier waiting for a tsunami. the water arrived, just the faintest hint of the horner japan. the media reported the authorities have found 200 to 300 bodies on a beach in sendai, the city near the epicenter of yesterday's massive quake. a conservative count of the dead and missing from the quake and tsunami now at 1,000. the effort to sort through the massive disaster areas in northern japan is just beginning. take a laook at this video. an aerial of what around 24 hours ago was a town of 70,000 people. it is now completely underwater. most structures still standing
dig out survivors in the coastal towns in japan. it seems every morning, the news is more grim than the day before. linda so is in the interactive news sent earth with the rescue efforts on today. >> reporter: they are trying to look for survivors, but there aren't many. the latest official death toll climbed to 2800 and it's getting worse. this morning, a japanese police official says 1,000 bodies washed ashore in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami and thinks an estimated 10,000 people died in his province alone. overnight, there was an explosion at the fukushima nuclear plant sending a thick cloud of moke into -- smoke into the air. it's the second explosion in three days. 11 people were hurt and it's unclear at this point if radiation leaked during the explosion. new images of the tsunami show how powerful the surge of water -- was. waves kept -- water was. waves kept coming. for survivors, anxiety is growing getting even the basic necessities is becoming nearly impossible. this mother says was so stressed i couldn't produce breast milk and didn't know what to feed my ba
at high point road. now back to you. >>> japan is reaching to the united states asking for help to avert a nuclear crisis. linda so is here to join us about the startling admission japanese officials are making this morning. >> reporter: well, japanese engineers say they might have to bury the nuclear plant in sand and crone crete. it may be -- concrete. it mate be the -- it may be the only way to avoid a catastrophic release of radiation. the rate something on par with what happened in 1979. emergency workers in japan have gotten desperate using water cannons and helicopters to cool the troubled reactors. one expert says it's like using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. but there is good news this morning. operators at the nuclear plant connected a power line to the complex. they are hoping that line will restart the water pumps needed to cool down the reactors. if that doesn't work, the u.s. is flying in five high pressure water pumps. here at home, the u.s. put up radiation detectors along the west coast just in case. >> there's a lot of space between here and japan, so we don't
't -- the problems doesn't seem to end for japan. now serious fears of radiation. the situation there and the efforts to get americans out safely. >>> and the buzzer. >> oh, the buzzer beaters. upsets last second desperation shots. did you see the butler game? thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley is on go in st. michael, lucky guy because the weather will be beautiful today. meteorologist lynette charles is filling in for justin berk. always lovely to have you here. >> thank you. i love being here with you guys. we are looking at some fabulous weather for today. fabulous friday. we will take it. we will going to be way above average and warm. temperatures in the mid-70s. it's going to be a little breezy but so what. we have sunshine out there. we have temperatures in the mid- 70s. we have a chance for showers possible early on saturday. but they get out quickly. if they do come, we will see high pressure bring in the sunshine. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, it will stay dry throughout the day. make sure to get out and take advantage of today because you know what, a good
>>> this morning, new images of japan's megaquake. the ground coming apart. and in the tsunami zone, debris everywhere. a bus ends up on top of a three-story building. >>> another concern, the nuclear crisis worsens. a new blast at an already-damaged nuclear plant. as the world reaches out, the u.s. military and rescue crews arrive on the scene. >>> we are live in japan, on this special edition of "america this morning." >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm peggy bunker. there's two, main concerns in japan this morning, coping with the huge scope of the humanitarian disaster. also, nuclear fares from three, crippled reactors. >> overnight, there was a new blast at the fukushima plant that was felt 25 miles away. and also injured several workers. so far, though, radiation levels are still within legal limits. >>> also today, 2,000 bodies were found on the shores. authorities there may ask foreign funeral homes to send supplies. >> and thousands of people are still missing. and the death toll, now, could pass 10,000. >>> and details on all of these developments,
nuclear power plant crisis. japan suspend operations to pre- - suspended operations to prevent the plant from working down after a srnlg forced workers to take cover indoors. 140,000 have been ordered to seal themselves indoors after explosions and fires at the plants. for at least a while, the final 50 workers kept onto prevent a nuclear meltdown that was sent their way. >> the radiation levels are getting so high that the workers can't stay there. >> in tokyo, 150 miles away, people you can see they are wearing radiation badges. >>> and new for you, local relief efforts underway in maryland to help those in japan displaced by the series of natural disasters. and abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with the information you need. sherrie. >> reporter: here at wegmans in hunt valley, they are trying to do their part to help the victims of the earthquake in japan. now at 6:00 this morning, you know customers will be able to donate any amount of money once they shop here. what they do is once they get to the cash register they can designate a certain amount of money for that earthquake victim
. >>> time is 5:306789 parts of japan hit by a earthquake and flat nd by a tsunami, a third risk looms. a third reactor is now leaking high levels of radiation and a fourth has caught fire. here's what one official is saying about the threat. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact a human health. i would like all of you to embrace the information calmly. >> there are warnings now affecting 140,000 people in a 12-mile radius of the reauthors. 70,000 have been evacuated. test sites are checking people to see if they were exposed to radiation. in to beingo, 170 miles away, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels, but officials say the levels are too small to threaten any one there. the japanese government is now asked the u.s. for nuclear help. eight more experts from the nuclear regulatory commission are now on their way to japan. >>> it's so hard to look at pictures and know they are real. if it's tough for us as adults to comprehend, imagine how hard it is trying to explane to your children. you -- explain to your children. you want to ease fierce and accurate
:00 now in japan. i want to direct you to our special earthquake section. at you can find all the latest information on this massive earthquake. then of course to the tsunami. now we're worried about radiation. it's spread from four reactors in the nuclear plant along japan's northeast coast. despite there have been some stories today of success. traffic stretched for miles. as panicked citizens try to flee the area surrounding the stricken fukushima nuclear facility. this man says nobody tells us, the citizens, what is really happening. fire broke out at the reactor number four while an explosion at reactor two prompted fears, cracks in the containment vessel allowed radioactive material to seep out. >> i think we're very close to the point of no return. they are not ready for the eventuality of an uncontrolled breach of containment. >> reporter: the situation is so serious officials did something they had not done up until this point. send most of their workers home. government officials immediately issued instructions, at the height of the exposure alarmingly high radiation
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on "america this morning" and "good morning america," we'll take you back to japan for the very latest on the ongoing disaster. >>> in other news, the persian gulf nation of bahrain is under a three month state of emergency. a reaction to what's escalated into deadly political unrest. demonstrators are calling for political reforms and a change in bahrain's long established monarchy. the military force led by saudi arabia has been clashing with the protesters. so far at least three people have died and hundreds more injured. the u.s. navy's main base in the region is located in bahrain. >>> and in libya, moammar gadhafi's forces appear set for an offensive on the main stronghold of the rebellion there. opposition fighters were routed from a key city yesterday opening the way to their base in benghazi. in his newest comment gadhafi called the rebels rats and also claimed only hundreds not thousands have been killed in the fighting. >>> and with that, here's a look at your wednesday weather. a wet day from san francisco north with seattle expecting heavy rain. up to 2 feet of snow in the
>>> from abc news, this is "world news" with david muir, reporting tonight from japan. >> and good evening from japan tonight where there are two crises unfolding here. first, the recovery efforts continue after the earthquake and tsunami. the cars were swept down the street in that tsunami. and of course, take a look at this image tonight. one town before the earthquake and tsunami, and this image of it afterward. well, all of this unfolded today, another major headline. a nuclear power plant, there was an explosion. the wall around one of the reactors crumbling. the prime minister in japan going on television, trying to urge the people of japan to remain coin calm, but there was of disseminating iodine tablets to children. we begin with new pictures of the tsunami not yet seen. tonight, a first look inside the airport terminal in sundi just as it rolls written. terrified passengers. and these new images of the snotty htsunami hitting the tow as villagers watched as their entire town was swallowed by the tsunami. today, dramatic rescues. people in safety after being rescued by hel
effort to stop moammar gadhafis crackdown. >>> in japan, one week since the quake and tsunami call on the u.s. for more help. the non-stop battle. >>> japan's newest heroes, firefighters volunteering to fight the nuclear monster. >>> good morning. we begin with breaking news in the middle east. the u.s. and allies are preparing for a military strike against the government of moammar gadhafi. >> it comes after a vote from the u.n. security council to protect civilians at all costs. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning to you. for weeks now, the world condemned moammar gadhafi's people. now this puts force behind the words. four decades of moammar gadhafi's rule are challenged with a vote. >> translator: ten votes in favor. zero votes against. >> reporter: the u.n. security council voted a no-fly zone to protect rebels. >> this resolution demands an immediate cease-fire and an end to violence and attacks to civilians. >> reporter: this comes weeks after rebel resis tense. gadhafi said attacks are imminent. he said we are coming. we are looking for the traitors and should ha
>>> this morning, there are real fears of a meltdown in japan. there has been a giant explosion at a nuclear power plant there. the evacuation zone has been doubled in size and tens of thousands of people are now getting out. smoke is billowing out of the plants and japanese media outlets say there is radio active material in the air. >> it could be nuclear disaster on top of natural disaster for the country. the death toll from the devastating earthquake and tsunami is well into the hundreds and expected to climb. entire villages have been swept away, trains vanished and now the race is on to rescue those trapped in the rubble. thousands are unaccounted for, including many americans. christiane amanpour and a team of our reporters are live in the quake zone. >>> now, live from new york, weekend anchors, bianna golodryga and dan harris. >> and there are fears this morning of a possible nuclear meltdown in the country of japan. this is a video of massive explosion at a nuclear power plant just hours ago. japanese media reporting that it blew the roof off the building that houses
, a nuclear one. partial meltdowns may already be happening at two reactors in japan. four more are at serious risk. nearly 200,000 people are evacuated. there are reports that some people are already sick. the government is planning to hand out special tablets to protect people, especially children, from cancer. >>> now we're getting word that the prime minister is calling this japan's greatest hardship since world war ii. it's a situation that is changing by the second. as we said, the japanese government admits there may be a partial meltdown happening at two reactors at one nuclear facility in the quake zone. they're warning that another explosion similar to yesterday's could be imminent. so far, no reports of massive radiation leaks. the situation remains unstable. people within a 12-mile radius are being evacuated. take a look at this. the photo that says just so much. a small child being scanned for exposure to radiation. that's probably not the only child that will have to go through that. >> absolutely not. has to be scary and confusing for children there. this is an unprecedented man
and a third meltdown at japan's nuclear facilities. american troops offshore exposed to radiation, as officials struggle to contain the catastrophe. >>> moment of impact. new images of the tsunami, rushing ashore. breaking through seawalls. rushing past airport security. washing away entire villages. >>> and look at what the waves picked up and left behind. a ferry on a house. a bus on a rooftop. a toilet dangling from power lines. and the man who floated away from his house, clinging for life. rescued ten miles from shore. >> this morning we're live in japan, with diane sawyer, christiane amanpour and david muir. and we ask the question, is this only the beginning of the devastation? >>> and good morning, america. joining us is "world news" anchor, diane sawyer, is who is there in sendai, japan, where the scope of the destruction is staggering. aftershocks still rocking the region. >> dealing with two crises. humanitarian. and an urgent disaster, to avoid a nuclear emergency. there was a third partial meltdown overnight. 11 injured in the blast. and after american officials detec
or jfx. now back to you. >> it's getting worse in japan. fierce of radiation are gripping the country. we have learned that a maryland woman was in japan when thequake and tsunami hit. we have the latest on how she is doing. linda. >> reporter: from what we know so far, woman from salisbury is alive and safe. ashleigh debord was northeast of toyo in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunamiy. her facebook page says she has been in japan since last august. she is a member of the jet program, an organization that promotes teaching and improving relations overseas. she got her masters at the university of hawaii. we want to get you up to speed on the nuclear situation in japan. they are worried about the possibility of a complete meltdown. there's been another explosion and fire at the fukushima power plant. dangerous levels of radiation has forced japan's prime minister to order people living nearby to stay indoors. all this as the death toll from the massive earthquake and tsunami continues to ride. the official number stand at 2475 with thousands still missing. but a glimmer of good new
for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> tonight on "world news" from japan, extraordinary new images of the tsunami's fury. and as our team reaches the worst hit areas, the full scope of the humanitarian crisis becomes clearer. more than 10,000 feared dead in one region alone, perhaps far more. and as we discovered, for the survivors, food, gas and electricity running short. >>> the neuroer will emergency here. a sixth reactor is in trouble. two have suffered partial meltdowns. nearly 200 people have been exposed to radiation. and this crisis is far from over. >>> to the rescue. the has save effort from the united states. ships, planes, search dogs. >>> and the remarkable stories of survival. >>> and reunited. amid so much despair here, relief and joy as loved ones, separated by the tsunami, are tonight back together again. >>> and good evening from japan tonight. we are coming to you north of tokyo. and just moments ago in this city, we noticed something. all of the power in all of these buildings went out. part of the massive rolling blackouts sweeping this country, as ja pa
>>> tonight, a new day brings new challenges in japan as people try to find missing loved ones. >>> they are not pressing the charges at this time anymore. >> an abc2 investigation into a 12-year-old autistic boy who is facing charges is getting results. the steps the boy's mother is now taking to make sure her son is taken care of. >>> plus the clock is ticking and looks like an nfl player's lockout is unavoidable. abc2 news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> now, abc2 news at 11:00. >>> devastation in japan tonight as families hope and pray that their missing loved ones are found alive. there's a massive undertaking going on right now to get two nuclear power plants under control. an 8.9 magnitude effort quake caused massive damages. the massive quake and tsunami washed away homes as if they were small debris, as we get ready to go to sleep, japan is waking up to a new day full of fear and loss. tj is live in new york tonight with the latest. >> good evening. there are thousands of americans in japan tonight and while the u.s. state department has seen no reason to evacuate the
>>> this morning, japan's nuclear crisis grows. radiation, leaking faster than first thought from this crippled plant. >>> children and the elderly checked for exposure. millions still without enough food and heat. and the teetering economy requires another cash infusion today. >>> all of it, japan's biggest test since world war ii. >>> good morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm rob nelson. japan's nuclear crisis is growing even worse this morning. here's the latest from overnight. >> at the crippled fukushima nuclear plant, radiation is leaking from one of the reactors. thousands of nearby residents have been warned to stay inside. this morning, measurements show the radiation level at 400-times the safe yearly dose. >> and here, officials are keeping a close eye on this crisis. two navy pumping trucks are said to be on their way to that plant. >> and for thousands of japanese survivors, the situation is growing more desperate. they've now spent a fourth night with no food, water or shelter. >>> thousands, of course, are also worried about whether the government is being truthful
. >>> and people greeted relatives and loved ones who were the first to return from japan by air. hugs and first flights from tokyo arrived in san francisco during the weekend including a tearful reunion between 10-year- old gavin and his father. listen. >> oh, my god. [audio not understandable] >> well many who returned home yesterday were either on their way to the airport in tokyo or at the airport when the quake struck. people at the airport said they were handing out crackers, water and sleeping bags to everyone stuck. the u.s. germany and many other countries are telling people not to travel to japan. many people are trying to get in touch with loved ones. state department set up a hotline to call. 888-407-4747. you can call or e-mail. if you send an e-mail, put the person's name you are look for and what area of japan they live. you can find that information at you can find ways to help victims of the quake and tsunami. go to the world news section of our website. >>> at 7 years old, attacked by pit bulls while in front of her home. a young girl is in critical condition and
>>> tonight from japan, this is "world news," reporting on the disaster in the pacific. now, there are four. four troubled nuclear reactors at one site. what happens if they all melt? and who are the 50 brave workers who agreed to stay inside and try to save everyone else? >>> we go out with rescue crews, calling out for signs of life in the rubble. "make a noise," they say. "is anybody there?" >>> and survivors did emerge today. >>> and we tell you what is the real danger for the united states. what about that run on potassium iodine pills? >>> and, on "world news," lessons for all of us, from survivors of that heiroshima radiation 60 years ago. >>> good evening to everyone in the united states. here in japan, as we said, there are 50 workers inside a nuclear power plant, and they are battling the complete unknown at this moment. trying to prevent a nuclear power meltdown. and in this breaking news, we have received word that there is another fire, a new fire under way at one of those reactor sites. let me show you a headline in the newspaper here. this is the japanese symb
, and los angeles are joining rescuers from japan and other countries. highly drained dogs are able to detect live victims who might be buried in the debris. the teams land the at a u.s. air base about 150 miles north of sendai. >>> the nuclear fears from this crisis in japan are only raising concerns here in the u.s. what if such a disaster ever hit us here at home? david kerley has more on that. >> reporter: japan had never declared a nuclear emergency. it is dealing with six runaway reactors. two in dire shape. >> two reactors now where we have core that is partially melted. this is unprecedented. >> reporter: the good news, inside those buildings, the hot nuclear cores and their primary containment housings are said to be intact. but with no electricity, the japanese are reportedly using firetrucks, taking the drastic step of pumping sea water into the cores and flooding the containment housings of both reactors. a last-ditch effort to cool the cores to stop the nuclear reaction. >> we are at a reactor tipping point. either over the next 24 to 48 hours they'll get coal of these
. >>> state of emergency. frightening news from japan this morning. reports that their milk and food supply is now contaminated with radiation. and this morning, reports that the workers at the crippled nuclear plant in japan, are trying to start the cooling pumps to prevent a meltdown. >>> strange twist. police uncover what they say was a murder plot at this upscale yoga clothing store, in a posh washington, d.c. suburb. did this woman, murder her co-worker and then bind and gag herself so that she could claim to be a victim? >>> and hacked. who is hacking into celebrities' e-mail accounts? and leaking embarrassing photos and information? more than 50 stars have been hit so far. and now, the fbi is on the case. >>> good morning, again. we have two, big stories developing this morning. let's take another look at those pictures out of libya. the rebels say they shot down one of moammar gadhafi's war planes while it was attacking them. is it proof that gadhafi is defying america? also this morning, gadhafi says he's just sent a letter to president obama. saying he is prepared to die in this f
issues on the roadways right now. now back to you. >> thanks. >>> we begin with new video from japan. vast areas unrecognizable. look at this. the coastline of one area one of the worst hit regions. just heart breaking looking at the pictures. >>> and this morning, the japanese emperor addressed the nation telling people not to give up. fierce of radiation are still high. the crisis continues to unfold and linda so is standing by with the latest as they get things under control. >> reporter: well a temporary setback. 70 workers at the plant had to pull back. radiation levels got so high making it dangerous to be there. it's an overwhelming situation for those hardest hit. people overcome with grief desperate to find loved ones. making a phone call has been nearly impossible. workers at the fukushima plant has been dousing the reactors with sea water in an effort to keep them from belt melting down. they choose to stay behind to be exposed to an enormous amount of radiation, the equivalent of 25,000 x-rays at once. the fears of radiation grips the country, people are walking around wi
plant in japan prompting the greatest fears yet for radiation catastrophe and new wave of evacuations. >>> falloutle risk. how dangerous leaks can be, a plant located on a seismic fault now a smoldering disaster zone. >>> and japan's ground zero. we'll take you on a journey to the only working hospital near the epicenter where the agonizing search for survivors leads to both disappointments and joyous relief on the front lines of an historic tragedy a special edition of "nightline," "inside japan" starts right now. >>> good evening from an absolutely miserable northeast japan. this is sendai. who knows where this house started before the quake, but there it is jammed against the gas station even more grim when you look in the back window and see the baby crib but as bad as all of this is, it's just the tip of the pending looming disaster unfolding right now. already four different nuclear reactors have exploded, caught fire in this country and evacuations have intensified within recent hours. in fact, about 50 miles south of here was the most urgent catastrophe. our own david muir was
>>> good evening from japan. this is "world news." where we see dawn break over the vast devastation. new images of the fury of the tsunami as we fly into the region obliterated by a tower. millions of people lining up for food, water, sheltary and now tonight urgent escalating questions about problems at the nuclear power site. a second explosion at a third reactor volcanically hot fuel rods exposed. families line up for radiation tests asking what are the chances of a catastrophic nuclear meltdown? and amid the worry help starts to arrive. everyone hopes for still one more incredible rescue. >>> good evening tonight from the coast of japan where all of us at abc news are bringing you a story we have never seen before. we know the crushing impact of that earthquake and the tsunami that swept away thousands and thousands of lives, but word tonight of an issue at a nuclear site which at the very least could be uncharted territory. there are three reactors at one location in trouble. we know that two had explosions releasing some radiation and now word that at a third react
the earthquake in japan. if you click on that in the slide show, it will bring you to this page, eyewitness accounts of what happened, how you can help earthquake victims and recovery efforts going on in japan. also, if of you scroll down, there's new video -- if you scroll down we have video and the latest going on. but the death toll is expected to rise to the ten phs thousands. they are look -- tens of thousands. they are looking for survivors and found a thousand bodies that washed ashore in one of the areas really hard hit by the tsunami. live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. >> many are trying to get in touch with loved ones in japan. state department set up a hotline to call. 888-407-4747. you can send e .-mail to pacific tsunami usc at if you send the e-mail, clot name of the person you are looking for and what part of japan they are located in. >>> 5:33. you are looking at a picture of michael kenny charged with killing his estranged wife in manhattan. new york city police officers told anne arundel county cops conditiony might be in the area visiting
>>> americans are now leaving japan. meanwhile, president obama says american are heartbroken and deeply concerned about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear prices in japan. jamie costello is live in our interactive news center. jamie. >> they are laying new power cables to keep the reactors nice and cool, but officials are running out of time. on our website, we have a special section set up in japan to spotlight, we have the videos, earthquakes, tweets, and eyewitness accounts. we want to get the latest from japan tonight. >> there is no end to the nuclear crisis at the fukushima ma power plant. according to one u.s. official, the new focus is on reactors three and four, where old spent fuel rods are in danger of over heating and releasing plumes of radioactive activity. >> it is dangerous than the meltdown, because there's more radiation in an unguarded fuel pond. >> old fuel, it actually is more dangerous than the meltdown. its radiation in an unguarded spent fuel pond, but a full scale meltdown remains a possibility. at reactor three, the 5-foot container of concrete
. now back to you. >> thanks. >>> we have new video to show you out of japan showing people running for their lives as the tsunami waives approached last -- waives approached last week. -- waves approached last week. people seeking shelter as the waves apropped and swept across the area -- approach the air and swept across the area. official say -- approached and swept across the area. nearly 7900 people are reported missing. one of the big concerns this morning is radiation levels that have hundreds of thousands of japanese very worried this morning. linda so has an update on what's happened with workers at that damaged nuclear plant. linda. >> reporter: well, there was a temporary setback this morning when the 70 workers left at the plant had to pull back. radiation levels were so high making it dangerous for them to be there. but we learned they are going back in. it's an overwhelming situation for those hardest hit by the tsunamiy. people overcome with grief, desperate to find loved ones missing. making a phone call has been nearly impossible. as fierce of radiation grip the cou
's in the air, it's in the food, it's in the ocean. the fallout from japan's atomic catastrophe. do we know how far the radiation is spreading? what you need to know. >>> and the best kiss. this one was good. that one wasn't bad but no two hollywood smooches are alike. what was the greatest of all, the results next. >>> good evening, i'm bill weir. missiles and muzzle fire are lighting up the north african sky tonight as america and her allies continue to destroy the defenses of moammar gadhafi. the mission, according to president obama, was to stop the libyan dictate they are slaughtering more of his own people, but getting rid of gadhafi, not our job. for the moment, that task is still in the hands of a ragged group of rebels, and with more american blood and treasure on the line alexander markardt set out to find out. >> reporter: hundreds of cruise missile attacks against military posts. two slamming into a command and control facility in libyan government compounds. earlier this morning at first light, my team and i traveled from the city of tobruk to the city of benghazi. the heart of thi
. the cherry blossom festival is a week away. what organizers are hoping to do to raise money for japan. we have details on that just ahead. >>> 6:40. it may not feel like spring this morning. we are down into the mid-30s. 35 in baltimore. york, pa at 23. hagerstown at 33. all after this little rain event which will probably hold off until tonight, we are going feel like spring for the rest of the week. we will talk about that coming. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. we are dealing with an injury accident in dundalk and looking at a slow ride on 95 heading towards the capital beltway. i will let you note best way to get around this plus more of your news, weather and traffic when "good morning maryland" returns after the break. >>> 6:43. this is your abc2 news to go. i will megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. et this let's kick things off with justin berk. >> 6:43 -- let's kick things off with justin berk. >> 6:43. i will visit the kid at friends meeting school. i want to let you know nearby, they had a beautiful day yesterday. the greens are turning green. and the sky is s
>>> tonight an a race against time to contain japan's nuclear nightmare. we'll have the latest. >>> a local family comes together to pray for their loved one caught in the middle of the crisis. >>> and new at 11, a celebration of an unlikely reunion between a dog and his family after winston's winter adventure. abc 2's news at 11 starts right now. . >>> if you're a mother here stateside and your daughter is a 15 hour plane ride away in an earthquake, a tsunami, and a cloud of who knows what coming at her, what would you do to get her a back? we'll find out in a minute. >>> what's happening in japan right now? the situation is getting more tense. >> military helicopters have begun dropping huge loads of sea water on to that crippled plant. this comes hours after nuclear officials said all the waters used to cool those nuke lear rods had dried up. >>> and we learned two other workers at the plant taking turns going in and out of the danger zone to try and buy a little more time. all the way being exposed to deadly levels of radiation. >> they put their lives in their co-workers h
the nikkei down about 8%. that came despite several moves by japan's central bank to try to stabilize that fragile economy. >>> the u.s. military is operating helicopter rescue missions off the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan" and so far this morning they've rescued stranded survivors, delivered supplies and helped move injured to the hospital. as our christiane amanpour found out, so many much is needed. >> translator: i need food. i'm running out of food, says this business woman. the good news is some aid was prepositioned. part of japan's earthquake preparedness. we're trying to feed 2,000 people, maybe more. we'll continue as long as our rice lasts, says this aid worker. but the rice, like the rest of the supplies, is not nearly enough. so much more is needed and the effort is heshg lee yan. we saw that firsthand at the red cross command center here. what is your biggest challenge right now? >> the biggest challenge is for our relief operation at this moment is logistics. >> reporter: much of northern japan's infrastructure is in tathers as we saw from the air. coastal roads,
. >>> and the crisis in japan has caused a crisis in gm. they'll put brakes on the program in shreveport, louisiana. gm is the first u.s. auto maker to stop production. >>> one group of student athletes from japan decided to push on with their plans to the united states. we caught up with the lacrosse team. >> reporter: the earthquake hit five days before the ko lacrosse team was to depart for the u.s.. the school wasn't directly affected by the quake, to continue on, it wasn't an easy decision. >> that was really difficult decision to go ahead. but, we had a discussion, finally, we decided to come here. japan is moving forward. we have to go forward. >> reporter: the team will visit new york and washington, d.c. this week, they're in baltimore, not just to soak up lacrosse history, but also to play exhibition games sport is exploding in popularity and japan. >> the motto is, lacrosse makes friends. that's what drew them to the sport primarily. that was the relationship with johns hopkins and also, this opportunity to build friendships. >> reporter: and the players take the game seriously. >> they're p
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> one week since the devastating quake and tsunami in japan. the danger is still far from over. >>> the united states and its allies now take action against libya's civilians. how moammar qaddafi is responding. >>> and a chance to view a far out site this weekend. the celestial event and what you can expect to see in the sky andwhen. we will tell you what you can expect to see today, sunshine. good morning. i am megan pringle. charley is on the go on assignment and we will check in with him during the 9:00 show. but we have a ray of sunshine here. lynette charles is filling in for justin. it's like lady's night on friday morning. >> it is. you know, what i am happy to be here and happy to give good news. we will get sunshine today. let's talk about our fabulous friday. don't you like that? it's going to be way above average. we are going to be nice and warm. the temperatures are going to be in the mid-70s. it's going to be on the breezy side. we have a chance for showers early in the morning on saturday, but we will clear out nicely going into
in japan. could it happen here? should we be looking into earthquake insurance? >>> and many teens and parents are concerned about how to pay for college. stew works for you -- abc2 works for you with tips on navigating that all important financial aid process. >>> in baltimore county, the study is crime is down. numbers put an exclamation point on a five-year downward trend. brian kuebler reports. >> reporter: the numbers are down. since 2005 the number of homicides in baltimore county dropped 50%. a trend only punctuated by the five-year low of 20 homicides reported in 2010. numbers the county executive calls remarkable. >> in the past year police officers in every precinct of this county fought to keep us safe with every tool at their disposal. >> reporter: it's those tools that were boasted about today, in addition to old fashioned police work the police department credits its gang enforcement unit, unit domestic violence coordinators. and other crimes that can lead to murder. >> we live and work in a community where government and the community works together. community ass
. this immediately affected a two million person population in northeastern sections of japan. it's producing tsunami warningsthroughout the a sick and i want to let you know as we check out some of the times here, the time frame for the first wave to hit hawaii which comes from the pacific tsunami warning center is expected to reach them just after 8:00 in the morning eastern time. there's a five-hour delay until it reaches what wee and they have evac -- hawaii and they have evacuated low lying area. it would reach 8:07 eastern standard time. that would be again early in the morning, 3:07 a.m. for them and yes there have been watches posted through alaska, and as you can see through the pacific northwest. right now, it looks like the main target maybe near the oregon and washington coast. we will monitor this. back home, we are looking at some rain showers still on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have temperatures in the mid- 40s this morning. mostly cloudy skies. we will get to 52 and maybe a brief rain or snow shower this afternoon. a very busy morning from all sorts, but let's see what
military operations. >>> to catch up with the latest from japan. officials continue to struggle to control the damaged nuclear plants. jamie costello has more. >> reporter: a reminder, go to and we have our earthquake and tsunami japan page set up for you. we have how you can donate to the american red cross, some of the headlines, but here, the tweets, you can't keep your eyes off it. it just passed over, they are in search of, in japan, 300 interpreters, looking for 300 interpreters, and there's a shortage of medicine for the elderly in japan. the key containment of the nuclear plant is getting the power back on. so cooling systems can be turned back on today in japan. at the fukushima nuclear power plant a pool of spent fuel rods in reactor 2 that had been close to the boiling point earlier now appears to be cooling producing fears more nuclear steam could be released. workers managed to reconnect all six damaged reactors there to the power grid. >> they are not turning on the pumps yet. the media gets it wrong. they connected the wires to the pumps but haven't turned the
the every-changing situation in japan. we'll have live updates on "america this morning" and later on "good morning america." also stay up to date any time at >>> moving on to other news beginning with libya. four "new york times" journalists who have been covering the fighting there are now missing. pull its zero prize winning reporter anthony shadid, stephen farrell and photographers tyler hicks and linsey add dario were last heard from on tuesday. meanwhile, moammar gadhafi's forces have been battling rebels in a key city in eastern libya. there could be a vote today in the u.n. security council on whether to impose a no-fly zone over libya. >>> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton was in cairo talking through an unscheduled stroll -- taking an unscheduled stroll through tahrir square, the symbolic center of egypt's revolution. she urged egyptians to not let extremists ruin what they've already accomplished. clinton saying she will not stay on as the nation's top diplomat if president obama is re-elected. she also says she has no interest in another run for the whit
washed away. they fear that the death toll will rise. >>> devastation in japan. the biggest earthquake in that country's history erupted and triggered an enormous tsunami. it carried away ships and homes and triggered fire -- fires. officials are afraid that the death toll could climb very high. we're live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening, this defense -- defense stating earthquake -- this devastating earthquake was actually an aftershock. >> reporter: it hit at 2:46 local time in the middle of a busy workday. it was a monster earthquake. >> this is the 5th largest to be recorded since the beginning of the 20th century. >> reporter: this was in a local government office in the city of sendai. this was a local air terminal where the ceiling collapsed. hundreds of miles away in tokyo, hundreds were trapped as the city shook. this man explained the terror. >> i don't know if i can get down the stairs. i could die here. >> reporter: for those by the coast, the worst was yet to come, a tsunami triggered by the quake. hundreds and perhaps thousands have been killed. boats broke awa
's largest private employ ear. >>> we have felt the earth move but with what's happening in japan should be be looking into buying quake insurance? our don't waste your money plan figures it out for you. >> and starting tomorrow and continuing through july taxi cabs will charge an extra dollar fuel sur charge for riders with in the district. >> you can play on the man made court in the festival or follow the rolling meat ball, the millersville. . >>> as we keep watching japan the nuclear regulation commission said we don't expect to see radiation at farmful levels reaching baltimore. the epa has interesting websites set up and it monitoring the food and water. we have an air monitor system here, there is one in dc and one up in dover delaware and the monitors that were checked today detected levels far below any levels for concern. i want to chase everybody to the website, it's interesting, it's epa.governor/japan 2011. we have it waiting for you on the website. >> you know a power company in charge of japan's nuclear reactor said they made a mistake when they measured radiation level
house says u.s. citizens in japan should listen to the u.s. and not japan when it comes to evacuation plans. we are going to have up to the second information for you next. >> weatherwise today in maryland we hit 58th street. we are already above average today. warmer weather on the way tomorrow. we were within 2 degrees. susie out about them, you are our winner. we are back with your winning forecast right after this. this week, make pasta night more exciting for your family with a little help from the italian sausage experts: try... since 1945, this delicious italian sausage has been made with only the most premium cuts of pork and unique blends of quality herbs and spices you can actually see. and the taste? why not let the empty plates speak for themselves. make pasta night a weekly dinner your family looks forward to. choose johnsonville, america's favorite italian sausage. brand power. helping you buy better. >> only on abc2 news, we have the morgan pears, smokey the bear, and look at all of these bears and cubs at deep creek lake. it's like most of us during march madness. it's
disaster in japan. with radioactive fuel burning through reactor walls, is it too late to head off a meltdown that could be deadly for decades? >>> plus, suicide mission? dozens of heroic workers go back into the japanese nuclear plant and fight the toxic flames to protect their countrymen. in a mission they know will likely fail. >>> and, desperate hours. thousands stranded inside the evacuation zone without fuel, unable to leave. thousands more in a frantic exodus. the story of one american family's incredible journey. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran and cynthia mcfadden in new york city and bill weir in japan, this is "nightline," march 16th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, a special broadcast on what today became an acute nuclear emergency in japan. with three reactors melting down, a fuel fire in a fourth and spent fuel rods exposed to the air. one official told abc news, quote, it would be hard to describe how alarming this is right now. and, as a small group of remaining workers battle to cool the molten rods at the
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